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Air Conditioning Services

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AC/HVAC Repair

No cold air? Increased allergies? Strange smells? Water leaks? Think of us as the doctors for your home: give us the symptoms and we’ll find a cure! When you call us—day or night, weekend or holiday—the person on the end of the line is a certified technician who can begin to diagnose your issue right there on the phone. Our emergency service technicians (each with more than 15 years’ experience) are standing by and will be on your door step within hours of your call. Our first priority is to fix your existing equipment, not just sell you an expensive replacement.

Annual Maintenance

Many people don’t know there is an issue with their system until disaster strikes. Don’t wait for your basement to flood: allow the experience team at Ultra to maintain your system throughout the year! Prevent emergency service calls and avoid costly repairs by letting us complete a thorough cleaning and our 23-point air-conditioner inspection that will keep your system functioning at peak efficiency for years to come. You don’t even have to remember to set up your annual visit. We’ll call YOU when it’s time to schedule your maintenance check-up!

Allergy Prevention

Did you know that the air filter on your air conditioner is one of the best defenses against allergies? Maintaining a clean air filter is the key to reducing mold, dust-mite, and seasonal allergies in your home. Most people have no idea when their filter was last cleaned (if they know they have one at all!). If you’d like to breathe easier, sleep soundly, and keep the Claritin in the medicine cabinet, allow Ultra to help keep your air filter clean and functioning properly by establishing an annual “check-up” for your system.

Customer Service: the “Small-business Bonus”

Here at Ultra we pride ourselves on having a small, well-trained staff with years of industry experience. To us, you aren’t just one of a thousand face-less customers in a computer database. We know you: your name, your cooling system and its’ eccentricities, and whether or not to take our shoes off at the door. You’ll feel safe letting an Ultra-man into your home. Ongoing training provided by our suppliers helps us troubleshoot and repair issues on any piece of equipment—from your grandparent’s 1970’s furnace to the cutting-edge technology used in the latest thermostats. We will always offer the best solution for each individual customer. Whether it be a repair or a replacement, you will know your options and the estimated price up front. To us, you’re like family and we’re going to care for your home with that in mind. That is the small business bonus.

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