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About Ultra Heating and Air Conditioning

Serving North of Boston Since 1987

Who We Are:

Since 1987, Ultra Heating and Air Conditioning has been offering top-of-the-line heating and cooling service to single-family homes in the communities north of Boston and surrounding local service area. We pride ourselves on offering reliable and effective care for your heating and air conditioning systems.  We emphasize customer service and rapidly respond emergency issues. Our friendly technicians all have 15 years or more in the HVAC industry.  Our technicians are well trained and certified in all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Owner and founder Stephen Mahoney is committed to keeping you comfortable and safe in your home and works daily with his small, committed staff to ensure that all repairs meet his ultra high standards.

What We Do:

At Ultra, we know the importance of having issues with your heating and cooling system dealt with swiftly and effectively. We offer 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year. When you call Ultra the friendly person who answers is a certified technician who can begin to diagnose your issue right there on the phone. Unlike other companies, we give you an accurate time-line of when we can be at your door; no more waiting for hours on end for a technician to arrive.  Day or night, weekend or holiday, if you have an HVAC problem, Ultra Heating and Air Conditioning has a solution.

The Ultra Difference:

Here at Ultra we pride ourselves on having a small, well-trained staff with years of industry experience. To us, you aren’t just one of a thousand face-less customers in a computer database. We know you: your name, your home or business heating and air conditioning systems.  We know your systems eccentricities, whether or not to take our shoes off at the door, and not to let the cat outside.  You’ll feel safe letting an Ultra Heating and Air Conditioning technician into your home.

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